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HTM or Hair Transplants Melbourne have been restoring people’s hair since 2006. The hair follicles are placed into the thinning area exactly the way they used to grow there, so, when the transplanted hairs grow the result will look natural and nobody will ever know. Prevention of future hair loss is also important and Dr Paul Spano can help you with that also. Repairing old “plugs” from years gone by to make them look natural is also a speciality of Dr Spano.

Dr Paul Spano is Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, A Fellow and Board Member of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia and a Fellow of the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery.

Separately from Total Face Group, Dr Paul Spano has been performing expert Hair Transplant treatment since 2006 with FUE and Strip. Eyebrow transplants a speciality. Scar repair and old hair “plug” removal and repairs performed. FUE transplants using 0.7 and 0.8 mm punches which heal in days without pain without scarring.

Your hair will grow in naturally over many months as the transplanted follicles wake up gradually and not even your hairdresser will be able to pick it because gone are the days of old clumpy plugs! All tiny follicular units and healing is quick and comfortable. No scabs, no bandages.

HOW DOES IT WORK – Harvesting?

Hair follicles are harvested from the back of the scalp in the safe zone where hair does not fall out. This harvest is commonly the removal of excess skin under local anaesthesia as a strip which is then sutured closed so there is no hair loss or thinning at the back “donor” area.

HOW DOES IT WORK – Planting?

Once the follicular units are removed from the donor area, they are trimmed under a microscope by our expert team to create the exact shape and form desired for optimal growth. Dr Spano will use the very tip of a needle to create recipient sites in the hair loss area, either scalp, face or eyebrow. The prepared follicular units which have 1,2,or 3 hairs each will then be gently placed into the tiny slits and will stay there and within hours be quite firmly stuck in place.

The recipient sites are made by Dr Spano with exactly the correct angle and direction off your hair loss area so the grafts will grow naturally so no-one will ever know.


Minimal care is needed to look after a transplant. We ask you avoid exercise for a week but you can shower and groom from the next morning. If the back of the scalp has sutures, these are dissolving and do not need to be removed. The donor are is a little tender for a week or so. With FUE, nothing apart from an antiseptic shampoo is needed for a week. We provide a saline spray to keep the areas moist for the first day until the shower the next morning. Crusting may occur where the grafts are placed but can be hard to see and resolves in a few days.

Dr Paul Spano worked firstly with one of the world pioneers of Hair Transplant treatment Dr Richard Shiell who started performing Hair Transplants in Melbourne in the late 60’s and continued for another 10 years until opening in his new Moonee Ponds theatre.

In 1998, Dr Spano attended his first international hair conference in Florida, USA.

With experience since 2006 in Hair Transplant treatments performed including all aspects of the transplant and not just removing the donor strip like some other clinics, Dr Spano is now at the forefront of this technique. Artistic talent plus medical excellence.

Dr Spano makes all of the recipient sites himself ( not done at many other clinics) and although this is time consuming , he feels this is the best way to get exactly the correct angle and direction off the skin that the hair will eventually grow and makes the difference between a good and a great transplant.

“It’s all about meticulous attention to detail and natural hairline design and density”. “Follicular Unit grafting and experience of what grafts to put where on the scalp make all the difference.”

“Every new patient represents and scientific and artistic challenge to get the thickest most natural result with the donor hair available and the individual’s unique hair characteristics.”

“One in 3 or so patients are females in their 30’s and 40’s with thin hair at the front of the scalp or top of the head, and the transplant results are sensational in women.”

“People can wear their hair long or short after a transplant, the procedure is sometimes scarless but occasionally a fine scar around the back of the head remains but is hidden under hair cut at a number 3 or more.”

Dr Paul Spano can be contacted for a Hair Transplant consultation via this website in Moonee Ponds or Windsor or via the contact page with any links below:



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