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Walk-in, walk-out, no downtime. Unsightly leg veins and capillaries are easier to remove than you think.

Our extensive experience in the cosmetic industry since 1996 gives us a unique perspective on what new techniques and treatments can do for you.

The Basics

Skinovate offers sclerotherapy in Melbourne in two locations, Prahan and Moonee Ponds.

Red or purple capillaries on the legs can be easily treated with a 30 min walk-in, walk-out session. An Ultra-Fine needle is used to inject a pharmaceutical into the capillaries or small veins with no or mild discomfort only.

Modern looking skin-coloured compression stockings need to be worn for 10 days after treatment but can be taken off at night. Dr Spano has been performing leg vein sclerotherapy since 1999 in Melbourne. Men can also have this treatment but women make up 95% of our patients.

Sclerotherapy before and after

Sclerotherapy before and after

What Causes Spider & Varicose Veins?

Spider veins are the fine red or blue blood vessels, easily visible just under the skin. Varicose veins are the larger blue/green vessels, deeper under the skin,which can bulge out. Varicose veins and Spider veins occur more frequently in women. They are often inherited and related to pregnancy (pressure and hormones), obesity and prolonged standing. Spider veins may also occur after trauma to the skin. Skinovate specialises in varicose veins and spider vein removal treatments.

Can They Be Prevented Or Reduced In Recurrence?

Not really. Wearing specialised venous support stockings may prevent dilated blood vessels from developing in some people. Maintaining a normal weight, regular exercise, avoiding constipation and wearing high-heeled shoes may also be helpful.

How Is Sclerotherapy Performed?

An irritant solution (Aethoxysclerol) is injected directly into the blood vessel with a very fine needle. The solution irritates the lining of the vessel causing the walls to break down and heal by sticking together. Over a period of weeks the vessel fades from view, eventually becoming barely or not at all visible.

What Precautions Should I Take With The Treatment?

Firstly, you must not moisturise your legs on the day of the treatment to allow any tapes to stick. Stop HRT or the contraceptive pill 4 weeks before treatment.

After the treatment, you’ll be given stockings to wear. These stockings must not be taken off for the first 24 hours at all. After this time take the stockings off to shower before bed then put them back on the following morning. These stockings “squash ” the vessels, so that they collapse and shutdown.

After leg vein sclerotherapy you must wear the stockings for a minimum of 10 days.

Does The Treatment Hurt?

No. Dr Spano has a reputation for being very gentle and pain is never a problem.

How Successful Is Sclerotherapy?

After each treatment most patients can expect a 40-70% improvement in the appearance of their legs. Dr Spano at Skinovate in Melbourne has performed over 1000 leg vein sclerotherapy treatments since 2000.

Does Medicare Cover The Treatment Cost?

Here in Australia, Medicare provides a rebate for Sclerotherapy for symptomatic varicose veins (i.e. causing aching, burning, itching, bleeding or eczema) that are larger than 2.5mm in diameter. The rebate is around $80 per treatment, with a limit of 6 treatments per year.

Tell your Doctor if you have any symptoms.

Could There Be Any Complications With The Treatment?

Even in the most experienced hands, some complications can occur. However serious conditions are rare. The vast majority of people experience a few small bruises and thats all.

Potential side effects may be:

  • Mild Swelling around treated areas (common for 2 days aftertreatment)
  • Bruises at injection sites (occurs in approx 80% of treatments anddisappear in 1-2 weeks)
  • Aching in the leg (approx 10% – can last for a few days)
  • Staining of the skin (approx 30% – fade slowly, but can persist for 2-6 months, on very rare occasions there can be some mild, permanent mild marks)NB: To minimise this side effect, do not take iron supplements (including mostmultivitamins) before, during, or for 3 months after the treatment. You shouldalso avoid taking Aspirin, Vitamin E or anti-inflammatories such as “Voltaren” or”Naprosyn”. These medications increase your risk of bruising.
  • Matting (approx 5% – new fine red blood vessels near treatment area,most resolve spontaneously, some resolve with injection treatment or laser, a few persist)
  • Sore / Ulcer / Scabs (approx 1% – on rare occasions, a small, painfululcer can develop at treatment sites within 2 weeks of injection, more common in-patients who smoke cigarettes, they heal slowly and may leave a small, pale scar)
  • Phlebitis (approx 1% – inflammation of the veins, can be painful for aweek or so but is very uncommon in treatment of spider veins)
  • DVT (Deep vein thrombosis) – very rare, aprox 1 in every 100,000. Thankfully this has never occurred at our clinic but it has at other clinics. This is a clot in a deep vein, but is very rare. A DVT requires hospital treatment with anticoagulant and can have life-threatening health complications if the clot moves into the lungs (pulmonary embolism). It is important to STOP the oral contraceptive pill or HRT before treatment as these may increase the risk of a woman getting blood clots. You must inform your doctor if you or your family have a history of blood clots.
  • Intra-arterial injection (less than 0.01% – this is an extremely uncommon complication of larger vein treatment, which may result in scarring.

Because of bruising and brown marks and the veins often becoming darker initially, your legs will look worse for the first 1-2 months before they get better in most but not all cases.
No exercise – except walking or swimming, which are both very good – for 2 weeks after your sclerotherapy treatment.

What Other Treatments Are Available?

  • Lasers – lasers fibres can be placed into large veins (EVLT) and”burn” the vein from the inside. This is available at a few centres in Melbourne.
  • Surgery – surgically tying veins off or “stripping” procedures are available for treating larger leg veins.


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