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Skinovate was founded in 1996 by Dr. Paul Spano, a graduate of Melbourne University medical school. Dr Spano was a foundation member of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia, is a Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons and Fellow of the Faculty of Medicine of the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery in Melbourne.

Firstly, Skinovate is not a franchise. You can rely on the same staff being present who will know your individual needs and take pride in the work they do for you. It’s a big decision choosing a clinic because your skin and looks are at stake, that’s why experience and longevity count. Skinovate has been thriving since 1996 and that tells you we get results and can be trusted.

Dr Spano and Skinovate pioneered many cosmetic skin treatments during the 1990’s and Dr Spano was the first recognised lecturer in Australia for muscle relaxing anti-wrinkle injections. Among other things he gave the earliest lectures on Laser Hair Removal and Microdermabrasion in this country.

Skinovate’s philosophy is to help people look their best while still looking natural. With over 300,000 procedures to our name, our staff customise treatments for each person as we are all individuals with different needs, wants and desires.

People from all walks of life choose Skinovate because nobody has the same extensive experience that we do.

Looking refreshed, younger and natural go a long way to helping us feel confident and energised.

Only proven treatments are performed by us. We don’t take on treatments at Skinovate unless we know they deliver the right result consistently. We represent excellence and expertise in the field and work hard to maintain our reputation as the place to come for realistic and reliable outcomes. Skin clinic Melbourne equals Skinovate.

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Establised 1996.

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Dr. Paul Spano

Reception at Moonee Ponds

Reception at Moonee Ponds